Uber APS

Uber Case Study

Uber, like any company, needs supplies to sustain technical and non-technical departments. From computers to napkins, various suppliers are required. Initially called Access Provisioning SystemI then uSurv, this internal portal was created for current suppliers, potential new suppliers, supplier invoicing, and their unique requirements.


Senior UX Designer


  • brainstorming & ideation
  • client presentation
  • wireframes


  • desktop & responsive handset (future project)

Ramp up time

After meeting with the product and engineering colleagues, H.K., and I brainstormed and created low level wireframes.

Below are initial concepts using Sketch and later InVision for protoytping.

uSurv early mock-up

Early Uber_usurv

uSurv Portal - New Suppliers

Early iteraton A

uSurv Portal - Suppliers Early variation

Early iteraton B

Through several iterations and collaboration with the product team, below are vairations on the final designs. From conception, if the supplier didn't have all invoice data, they'd at least have the necessary like P.O., date, and/ or amount.

uSurv Invoice Portal

Uber Portal

uSurv Invoice no Results

Invoice no results

uSurv Invoice results

Invoice Results

Invoice Details and Payment Oveview are accessible through a dropdown menu at the top navigation. Or by clicking the highlighted Invoice # and/or Purchase order # links as well. Payment Oveview details the invoicing for a specific client

uSurv Invoice Drop down menu option

Drop down menu

uSurv Invoice Details

Invoice Details

uSurv Payment Overview

Payment Overview

From this point, a high level preliminary intro flow was created for some major junction points. Below is the url for this project. Note, APS was the name when this prototype was created. Later, changed to uSurv. If needed, cilck white space to identify the hot spots.
Caveat: uSurv was an urgent requirement by the product team. Desktop was the primary focus. Mobile first was not the approach because of the logistics to finish a desktop version first, mobile second. During my tenure, mobile didn't materlize.

https://invis.io/DUWE6SRBS98. Please email me for mot de passe. HINT: jo...lean. A country song written and sung by a well-known artist.

We Surv

The Fin tech group comprises several product teams. Our lead product manager sourced H.K. and I to other related product teams. For example, we worked with a product manager who lived in Amsterdam where early AM zoom meetings were mandatory. Like other companies I've worked at, so-called Agile sprints were a mix bag: a pseudo-mix of Agile and traditional waterfall approach. Nonetheless, UX work got done.

Lessons Learned

We were the Fin Tech groups first UX Designers. We consulted with the design team at UX HQ, reviewed style guides and got access to UX/Visual design assets. After our initial consultation with UX HQ, we served as an internal "agency" for Fin Tech. The collaborative work environment facilitated by product managers, team leads and colleagues alike created an quick-paced, learning milieu.

“Henry provided astute UX insights for our team.”
— Karunakar Sareddy Former Senior Manager, Systems at Uber