Mostly local. Sometimes farther, two–wheels + public transportation.

Un samedi soir brumeux



A raucous, costumed Friday evening of testosterone led urban two wheelers foreshadowed tempestuous games of world series baseball and our, Golden State Warriors against the Wizards of Washington. A taunting racial gesture—fingers pulling eye corners taut—caught on camera by Cuban born Astros player, Yuli Gurriel after a home run on Dodgers pitcher, Yu Darvish, an eurasian of Japanese and Iranian descent segue into a “hugging” brawl between Warriors forward, Draymond Green and Wizards guard, Bradley Beal.

The “Yankers,” short for the Connecticut Yankee at the bottom of Potrero Hill is a go-to for sports oglers, beer, and eats. Nestled in the back right corner as we have many times before, Jonny, Loyd and Phil positioned for optimal ogling.


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