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Baseball épique



A tit-for-tat, seesaw barrage with seven home runs ended with the Dodgers closer, Kenley Jansen relenting a single to the Astros, Alex Bregman in the 10th inning scoring pinch-runner Derek Fisher from first base.

Bedlam Indeed!

Between late innings laying in bed, I thought from a San Francisco Giants fan perspective, “Is this going 15?” referring to the Giants 18 inning, 6 hour plus endure-thon with the Nationals in the 2012 NLCS. A two-fold victory for me: relieved the game ended rather quickly. The Stros won! F the bums!

Chavez ravine awaits a Halloween game six with Astros Justin Verlander and Dodgers Rich Hill for a game clinching first ever Astros World series win?! I wonder what the Vegas betting odds are now? Probably change before game time.

Amène le! Bring it!

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